Sea Kayaking

  • At the mouth of the Eldred River
  • Circumnavigating Savary Is.- Hernando Is. in the background.
  • A sunny day in the Copeland Islands
  • Returning aboard the M.V. Uchuck
  • Entering a tidal lagoon
  • By-the-wind sailor, Velella velella
  • Time to relax
  • Heather Harbord
  • Time to set a compass course
  • Mighty fisherwoman
  • Finding newly-laid squid eggs, Okeover inlet
  • A well-tarped camp is essential in wet weather

Heather Harbord holds a Certificate of Graduation in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography. She has been a member of photography clubs in BC, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.  Her spare room has a wall of slides in addition to twenty years of digital pictures on her computer. Her subjects range from natural history, portraits, landscapes, cats, etc. Most of the illustrations in her books, magazine and newspaper articles are photographs that she has taken herself.