Heather Harbord
Good organizational skills and gentle persistence rather than high pressure tactics enabled Heather Harbord to survive eight years running her own commission sales business with Investors Group.

She’s had this talent ever since she took a hutch full of guinea pigs, two preschoolers and two other  teenagers to a remote Hebridean island and coped for a month till the parents came back from their French vacation.  

As a professional librarian, she recatalogued several libraries, designed new ones, and trained staff, volunteers and board members.  Along the way she learned to write clear reports getting to the meat of things immediately. It was a small step to writing sea kayak guidebooks and books on BC coastal history where her research skills and passion for accurate details shone.

During her newspaper career she showed a knack for squeezing stories and colourful quotes out of people who thought they had nothing to say. Now she’s a big fan of case studies as a business promotion tool because people place more trust in other customers than in company advertising.  In new situations, she learns fast, keeps within budget and is a stickler for deadlines.

Yes, she has some degrees and certificates: M.A. (Edinburgh), Associate of the Library Association (UK), B.L.S. (UBC), Chartered Financial Planner, Certificate of Graduation in Professional Photography (NY Institute of Photography).

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